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You know I do video, you know I cover fashion and you know I am a writer. Now I have something
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Nourishing Organic Day & Night Cream

All my lovely fashion beauties out there looking to keep the dewy glow for the fall, be sure to check in with me about the awesome day and night cream.

I've always struggled to find a product that would keep my face sufficiently hydrated during the dry cold climate of YYC. I no longer have to worry or deprive my skin with Ella's Nourishing Night Cream. With it's 100% organic ingredients, I am confident and reassured it is the perfect cream for me!

Sandy Jung

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

I have combination skin, but during Calgary’s winter months it tends to be dry as the desert and very thirsty. This cream goes on smoothly and evens out any texture I had on my skin making it very tempting to use as a primer before I apply my morning face of make-up.

Milena Petrovi

Freelance Writer

Check-in with me here regarding the Day & Night Cream and any other inquires:  

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